How To Become A Volunteer

1). Fill out a Volunteer Application form (You can pick one up in our office, or click on the link below) you must be 12 to volunteer without an adult.

2). Come in Saturday mornings at 9:30 for a volunteer orientation and tour of the facility.

3). After you have completed the orientation you are welcome to come and volunteer anytime during open hours. To volunteer in every aspect of our program (catch horses, work in classes, help groom and tack etc.) you will need to complete all of your certifications, this can be done in 3 training sessions.

4). If you would like to sign up for certain times to volunteer, that is great too! Our blog will have updated times each week of when we are open and when we need help, so check back often!

Click Here for Safety Orientation Video

Volunteer Application Form
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A Little More About Volunteering

Each time you come in, you will need to sign in on the computer (you can ask the office manager how to do this if you are not sure) and on the clipboard. Please be sure to get your name badge out of the name badge box and wear it at all times when you are here. Your name badge tells us what your name is and what you have or have not been trained/certified to do.

After you are signed in, head out into the barn to see how you can help. A good place to start is by looking at the schedule on the white board. It will tell you when the next class is and what horses and equipment are needed. If the horses are not out for the next class (and you are certified to catch) you can look on the facility board to see where they are located, and then go catch them.

If you are not certified to catch, or all the horses needed for the class are in the barn already, check to see what tack (saddles, blankets, cinches, bridles, reins and grooming buckets) needs to be set out.

If there is still time before the next class, check the supplement or DSO sheet that is located in the supplement/halter area to see what horses still need to have their daily supplements. The DSO lists every horse we have and whatsupplements they need for the day. Please ask the barn manager or volunteer lead to teach you how to make supplements if you don’t know how.

If everything is out for the class already and supplements are all finished, look at the job chart on the white board (by the schedule) to see what other jobs need to be done.

When the class starts, the barn manager will assign volunteers to work with students either in the barn, in the arena, or both. Please let her know if you are certified to work in classes (lead walk/side walk) and if you feel comfortable doing so.

A Few Things To Remember . . .

Classes always come before supplements and other jobs. Please make sure the horses and tack are out for the next class, or put away from the last class before starting on supplements.

Always sign out on the computer and the clipboard when you leave!

Never do jobs you are not certified to do.

Let us know if you have questions or if you feel uncomfortable doing something, we would love to help!

Volunteer Lessons

Volunteers earn riding lesson credits after 30 hours of service is accrued. Volunteers can also donate earned volunteer lessons with permission from one of the Senior Staff.  The hours will expire only if the volunteer has been inactive for six months.