Babe is our gentle giant. She is a Belgian/Quarter horse cross, liver chestnut mare and weighs in at about 1,500 pounds. She is our resident "escape artist."  She has jumped an electric fence and knocked open a large metal gate, probably just to socialize with the other horses.  Luckily, no one was hurt, including her, and we can all laugh about it.  But we are better at securing her in her paddock.  She used to drive a carriage in parades and even for funerals. Make sure to check her cinch often so the saddle won't slip, she's a big gal!


Blaze is a chestnut Morgan with a big blaze right down the middle of his face, which is how he got his name. Before he came to Courage Reins he did a little bit of everything, including: english, western, halter and he even pulled a carriage. He is super kind and gentle and has one of the slowest jogs of all the horses at Courage Reins. He loves people and he especially loves getting his treats after each lesson.


Choco is a dark chestnut Missouri Fox Trotter gelding. One of our board members is graciously lending him to the barn while we look for new horses. Great for beginners, Choco has helped many of our students learn how to have a good seat and start loping. He can be afraid of jackets so make sure you don't take yours off while riding him or standing near by.


Frankie is a Tovero, Spotted Saddle Horse, gelding. He was named after Frank Sinatra, "Old Blue Eyes" and was born on his birth date. We are still working on his training so sometimes he gaits differently on the front and the back. Many of our students like to ride Frankie because he is such a challenge and a goofball. He loves people and would climb into your lap if you let him. Frankie doesn't always understand personal space and will remind you to act like a leader in his presence.


Hela is an Gray Icelandic mare. Her name means Frost in Icelandic. Hela was born in Northeast Iceland in Varmaloek where the vikings first settled around 900 A.D. Icelandics' are the only horse permitted in Iceland and once they leave they are never aloud back in. Hela flew to the U.S. on an airplane. Before she came to the States, and due in part to her calm disposition, Hela took tourists on rides to see the unusual Icelandic terrain. Her attitude has transitioned over to her therapeutic job where she takes gentle care of new students. Please be careful when doing up her girth, as she dislikes rough handling.




Max is a Shetland Quarter cross gelding. He is the smallest horse at Courage Reins, but don't let that fool you, he is very headstrong! Many of the students love to ride Max as his trot provides a very interesting and bumpy ride.  He is sweet and powerful at the same time.  We love having him! 


Normy is a throroughbred cross and is known as being very calm and gentle.  He came from a family who had adopted him from a rescue.  He likes to eat slowly.  He has a bumpy trot, but a wonderful slow and smooth canter.  He is sweet and cuddly as well.  He has been a joy to have! 


Princess was raised as a backyard family pet. Her former owners loved to ride her up and down the mountains. (They were in their 90s!) Princess is a seal brown mare. She is a cross between an Arabian and a Saddlebred making her a National Show horse. She is also our oldest horse, born in 1983. When she first came to our barn she had some growths, called sarcoids, that had to be removed from her girth line so it can still be tender when putting on her cinch.


Solmani is a brown, Icelandic gelding. His sire's name is Sol (Sun) and his dame is Mani (moon) which make Solmani or Eclipse in Icelandic. Solmani was born in Southern Iceland where there are hundreds of Glacial rivers which is probably why he loves to go swimming so much. He came to the States when he was 5 years old and was owned by the only U.S. competitor to win a gold medal at the Icelandic world championships. Icelandics have 5 gates - walk, trot, tolt, canter, and flying pace. The tolt is quite smooth and fast (clocking up to 45mph!) and Solmani is very good at it!


Summer belongs to Ashley, one of our volunteers.  Her coloring is Red Roan and she's a 1/2 Arabian.  We had a hard time getting her to put weight on or even to show interest in food.  Well, that time is gone!  We figured it might be her teeth and were we ever right.  She actually loved her visit by the equine Vet., Dr. Wittkopf.  She had problems which prevented her from chewing properly and caused her a lot of pain.  We got that fixed and she's become an eating machine.  Her weight is coming on and her coat is looking better.  Thank goodness, because she's in the top three for number of lessons.  And we found that she really loves to jump.  So maybe she's as happy with us as we are with her!


Wrangler is a buckskin, Quarter horse gelding. He came to us from a family back east. When he first came to Courage Reins, his whole mane had been 'roached' or shaved off but has slowly grown back. He has a very gentle disposition (and everyone thinks he's beautiful!) making him one of the favorites in the barn. Wrangler has had some difficulity with his hooves but, is doing very well right now. When your riding him, be gentle because even though he looks young he is over 20!