Nicolette Alger, On-Call Riding Instructor

Nicolette is a sweet and fun addition to the team.  She usually has a smile on her face, otherwise, she is concentrating deeply on the task in front of her.  She works hard and wants the best for her students.  She is a Mom to an adorable toddler as well.  We are excited to have her with us!  

Vicki Armstrong, Executive Director

Vicki is the woman in charge!  She is constantly moving from one area to the next.  She barely has time to eat lunch, and sometimes we call her phone just to find where she is on the property.  She is regularly bombarded with several of us employees to get something done or approved.  She works so hard because she truly has a passion for the mission of Courage Reins.  She cares about both humans and horses very much, and  hopes to see each reach their potential! (sorry, this is the best shot I'm gonna get of her)

Michelle Harrison, Riding Instructor

Michele has been with Courage Reins since 2000.  She has a lot of fun working with her students and teaching her classes.  She works hard and cares a great deal about her students.  She has a strong command about her and it shows in her student's progress.  However, she also has a kind soft side that shows when working with disabled students.  When she's not at Courage Reins, she can be found driving the horse carriages around Temple Square.

Laura Jenson, Riding Instructor

Laura is one of our English riding instructors.  She has a lot of experience and is well versed in her profession.  She is a fun and sweet person.  She has a smile on her face regularly, and has a warm spirit about her.  She is a Mom as well.  By the way, she's the one who made our play area in our office look so great!  We truly love having her part of the team!

Rachael McKay, Marriage & Family Therapist

Rachael has loved horses since she was a child.  She is the one in the front office on Fridays, among other times during the week doing EAP work.  She will never refuse See's Candy!  Her favorite is the Milk Chocolate Bordeaux for anyone taking notes ; ) She is excited and proud to be a part of the Courage Reins team and hopes to help fulfill its' mission.

Nancy Odenbrett, Barn Manager

Nancy is our very organized and sharp barn manager.  She is a woman who's on a mission.  She keeps the barn looking great, helps with classes, teaches and certifies volunteers regularly, and helps whenever and wherever she can.  She has a sweet Kentucky accent, but don't let that fool you, she runs a tight ship and expects that of others too!

Gary Robinson, Occupational Therapist

Gary is our OT with a smile.  He seems to be always in a good mood.  He is kind and really seems to care about his clients.  He also works with Kids On The Move, which is a wonderful program offered to the community. (there is a link to their website on the "links" page) 

Laura Robinson, Admissions Coordinator & NARHA Riding Instructor

Laura  is our "spunky" girl.  She is full of life and knows how to live it!  When she works with her students, she shows a high regard for each one of them.  Not only does she provide top notch work for her students, she truly cares and wants the best for them.  She has many hats at Courage Reins and can pretty much do any job on site!  She has a silly side to her that is hilarious and fun!  By the way, she will never turn down See's Chocolates and Diet Mountain Dew!

Barbara Ward, Riding Instructor and Board Member

Barbara is one of the original members of Courage Reins.  She has been a part of the team from the beginning.  She has a relaxed and cool demeanor about her, and is an enjoyable person to be with.  She has a wealth of wisdom about the horse world and Courage Reins. 

Board of Trustees

Debbie Farrer

Sterling Gardner

Ed Kocherhans

DeRae Preston

Maureen Smith

Kim Turner

Barbara Ward