Our New Instructor Certification Program!

To meet the various needs of our horses, we are beginning to certify our staff in a similar manner that volunteers get certified. 

You will notice changes such as:

Horses will be cued to what is expected of them more consistently.  This will help avoid frustrating the horses and sending them mixed messages.

Instructors will be selected for their job assignments by their demonstrated abilities and knowledge. (this may take a couple of quarters)

Riders will be consistently taught effective communication with their horse.  (Instructors will all have their individual styles and personalities, but the information will be the same.  So flowing from teacher to teacher will be more seamless.)

The volunteer mentor program will be re-booted using these same standards.  A volunteer mentor will be allowed to assist us to the level of competency they have obtained.  For instance, as soon as a volunteer mentor is "walk" certified, they will be able to do exercises with designated horses that need to work on "walking."

Our hiring process will also use the same standards expected by staff/Instructors.

Staff will be able to become more and more advanced in various areas of horsemanship.

All of this will improve the health and mental well-being of the horses by using consistent standards as well as developing a rider pool of excellent horsemen.
We are excited to build upon an environment at Courage Reins that is comfortable and cohesive for everyone! 

Here are the next upcoming certification trainings

To sign up for a certification, please check the form in the office and/or talk to someone who is able to sign you onto the form. (We can only allow four students to a class)